Wool Wash Detergent with Lanolin - 250ml

Wool wash detergent with the addition of lanolin for washing of medicinal sheepskins or BabyCare lambskins.

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    Do you have any questions? We would like to help you!

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Follow the washing instructions below only if you have a Medical, Health or BabyCare Sheepskin. Also, wash your sheepskin only when necessary. This is because every time you wash your sheepskin, you are washing the lanolin out of the skin. Lanolin is what gives sheepskins all of their good qualities.

  1. Wash the sheepskin preferably with a hand wash in cold water not exceeding 30°C.

    If you prefer to use a washing machine instead, set it to a wool cycle and/or a maximum temperature of 30°C.
  2. If necessary, you can use a very small amount of wool detergent. Use as little as possible! Adding detergent will wash the lanolin out of the wool faster. This is why we recommend Van Buren Wool Detergent with Lanolin. Natural lanolin has been added to this wool detergent to keep the wool greasy and to help it retain the good qualities of a natural sheepskin for longer.

    Use with Van Buren Wool Detergent with Lanolin 20ml per 2.5kg of dry laundry. The cap has a capacity of approximately 15ml. This is equivalent to
      - 1/2 cap for a medical sheepskin
      - 1/3 cap for a BabyCare lambskin
  3. Preferably, do not spin dry the sheepskin or spin dry on the lowest setting.
  4. Dry your sheepskin slowly and naturally. Do not dry in a tumble dryer, in full sunlight or near other heat sources.
  5. While drying, thoroughly stretch the sheepskin several times a day. Both lengthwise and widthwise. This will keep the sheepskin soft and supple.
  6. Washing can make the wool felt. After drying, comb the sheepskin with a brush to restore its softness. After you have combed it, shake it well to remove any loose wool and any remaining dust particles from the skin and to give it back its volume.

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