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Cowhides are beautiful decorative items that can be used for a variety of applications. It is often used as a rug, but also for upholstering furniture or making fashion accessories such as belts and bags.

Characteristic of our cowhides are the quality of the tanning and the sheen of the skins. Each hide is thoroughly sorted out by size, the length of the hair and the shine in it, the suppleness of the leather and by slaughter defects to minimize repairs and bald spots. The hides vary in size, but on average they cover about 3-4 square meters. We also have a category of smaller calf hides of 2-3 square meters.

The cow hides are available in different colors, both beautiful natural colors as well as dyed and printed. From the traditional Friesian black and white/red and the Norman tricolor, to striking pink colors or a zebra print.

We have a wide variety of cow hides, always over 1000 hides in stock, with the best possible quality at the fairest possible price.


Our cow hides are a waste product of the meat industry, no animal is slaughtered for its hide!