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Sheepskin has been used for health since ancient times. It insulates and regulates body temperature, absorbs moisture, distributes pressure and stimulates circulation. Whether you have to sit or lie down a lot, are always cold, have muscle pain or poor circulation, a sheepskin can help make daily life more bearable.

Health coats are tanned differently compared to decorative coats. Because sheepskins are intended for medicinal purposes, accidents are not out of the question and it is necessary that the sheepskin can be cleaned. Without this special tanning, the leather of a sheepskin dries hard and may tear. Medicinal/health coats are the only sheepskins that can be washed at nut case.

To wash a sheepskin, we recommend our Wool Detergent with lanolin. With each wash, lanolin is washed away. The addition of lanolin to our wool detergent keeps the wool greasy and maintains its good properties.