Van Buren Bolsward B.V.

Since 1861 and currently the only remaining sheepskin tannery in the Netherlands.

For six generations, the knowledge of tanning and trading has been passed on to the next generation. Each generation has brought new innovations and advancements to the company. This combination has made us successful in the processing of furs and skins for over 160 years.

Oude foto van pand van schapenvachtlooijerij Van Buren Bolsward B.V.

In 1861, Sjoerd van Buren set up a skin and wool business. He separated the wool from the skin and sold the semi-finished products separately. His son took the business over in 1903 and moved the whole company to Bolsward, where we are still located today. From 1969 onwards we have been a sheepskin tannery and have focused on the production of finished products, intended for decoration, health and extra comfort in the home.

Huidig pand van schapenvachtlooijerij Van Buren Bolsward B.V.

Drie generaties van Buren

6th Generation

Since 1976, the company has been run by brothers Thomas and Rients van Buren. Since 2003, Thomas has retired and Jolt van Buren, son of Rients, has entered the company. This ensures that the knowledge and experience, gained over more than a century and a half, continues to live on.

Eigenaren Jolt en Rients van Buren van schapenvachtlooierij en groothandel Van Buren Bolsward B.V.

Working with attention and natural tannins

Traditional process
The tanning of hides and skins is a traditional and labour-intensive process. Some operations such as washing, scraping, wringing, grinding, stretching and combing are carried out with the help of machines. Other operations, such as selecting, cutting and combing, are carried out with a sharp eye and a skilled hand.

100% Natural
Each operation is carried out with attention and respect for materials and the environment. For washing, bleaching and tanning we therefore use environmentally friendly means. For dyeing, we use natural dyes. 

100% Sustainable
We have respect for the earth and the life on it. No animals are bought and slaughtered for their skin or fur. The skins and coats we use can be seen as a waste product from the meat industry. With respect, craftsmanship and dedication, we recycle them into natural products that enrich people's lives with warmth, natural beauty and softness.

Only the best of the best
We check all the hides and furs by hand, only the best quality comes through our selection. Another part of the tanned hides and furs is then processed in our own workshop into products such as: slippers, cushions, bags, rugs and health-care coats.